Digitise your business

Digitise Your Business

Digitise Your Business

There has never been a better time to digitise your business then now, and if you are not entirely convinced try a small selection of your products. Covid 19 has had the effect of rapidly accelerating the inevitable digitising of every business. The value of a professionally designed and built online business presence cannot be overstated and is a business leveller.

Digitise Your Business is a complete online solution;

  1. Designing a logo for your business, making your logo available in .png, .jpg and pdf formats only.
    We will supply a set of options, allow you to make changes to the logo of your choice before finally submitting your finished product.
  2. We will register your domain including set-up of your email addresses.

Depending on the availability of your preferred name we may require a second or even third option.

  1. Build your website using a paid-for theme – Consal 5 page site– a couple of examples are https://corebusinesselements.co.za & https://factorypieshop.co.za

Consal is a WordPress theme with significant flexibility and enables customisation beyond that offered by free themes. If you wish for us to make use of a specific theme, we will charge the price difference. We will require content from you.

  1. We will include an Ecwid shopping cart on one of your pages, and example of this is at https://offroadcanvas.co.za/shop/

Our offer does not include connecting a payment gateway, although this can be done at an extra charge. This shopping cart will calculate your customers orders including any additional fees and will email you the order allowing you to confirm product availability, lead times and payment information.  

  1. The cost is R995. And is due in full prior to commencement. It will include the following;

5.1 Registration and hosting of your best available domain name on Xneelo using a basic package.

5.2 Email set-up.

5.2 Logo.

5.3 Website design and build using Consal Theme.

5.4 Shopping cart with a maximum of 10 products.

6. Domain hosting will be charged at R79 per month, payable annually in advance or R99 pm.

Digitising your business has never been easier.

We look forward to creating a vibrant and engaging presentation of your business, and will endeavor to make the process as easy and seamless as possible.