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A little about us.

A small team of highly skilled practitioners single minded in offering outstanding value in all areas of commerce. Particular focus rests on small and medium start-ups and established businesses.

This is how you start a business!

From as little as R1,999.

We can handle the set-up of your business and this goes beyond registration.


A broad business discipline where ignorance of the law is no excuse. In small business this area is dominated by SARS and CIPC, both of which require rigorous compliance meticulous attention to detail. 


Allowing you to focus on your business.

Core Business Elements undertakes the job of submitting your returns timeously, vigorously managing disputes as may be necessary thus maintaining compliance.


Whether your business transactions are captured in an invoice book from your local stationery store or on Pastel Evolution, poor administration is often the downfall of many small businesses.


Designing your admin processes to enable growth.

Core Business Elements will advise on the most appropriate admin structure to support your business and if required, assume some of the admin functions on your behalf.


Production and administration is a result of marketing and sales and most small businesses are unable to maintain focus on marketing while running the business. Marketing is a business function, not a project.


Ensuring your marketing efforts are not stopped while you are in the cycle of production.

Core Business Elements will complement and complete your marketing efforts as may be required on either an ad-hoc or ongoing basis.