3 Content Writing Styles

3 Content Writing Styles

3 Content Writing Styles

Once you have got your head around where you wish to present your content, you will need to give some thought to the style, we’ll take a look at 3 content writing styles used by the team at Core Business Elements.

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You may never become a best-selling author, but with a flair for writing and a good technical understanding of the language in which you write, you could be producing engaging content in no time.  An inquiring mind, and an opinion to match, will go far in developing a style, which may be unique to you, and will help you identifying what key words or subject matter to be writing about.

REMEMBER THAT YOUR CONTENT MUST BE ORIGINAL, and we’ll take a look at some helpful skills further along that you will need to develop as you go on your way.

Whilst there are more than 3 content writing styles, and any number of variants of each one, your style will be determined by your audience, and thankfully this is easy to establish. Speaking of variants, there are number of tones with which content can be written, and these would include; professional tone, friendly tone, casual tone, and add to this content written in the first person or third person. Your actual unique tone will generally develop over time and may be described as a blend of different tones, and often an author can be recognized by his / her writing tone.

Business Content Writing Style

This is arguably the easiest style of writing, it generally requires little by way of an author opinion, unless you happen to be an expert in this sector, and it is essentially gathering facts and presenting them in a logical order. The crux or meat of the content is typically delivered in the opening paragraph, and the subsequent paragraphs are relatively short and deliver facts. There is a frequent need to include quotations from company representatives for example. In almost all cases, abbreviations are used instead of the full name, for example JSE will be used before Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Take a look at an example below.

Lifestyle content writing STYLE

Often used in lifestyle product reviews or travel writing, this style of writing is often written in the first person. Associated with writing in the first person is the inevitability that you will be providing an opinion on the subject matter.A casual style is best suited to this type of content, and a bit of humour does no harm.

TECHNICAL content writing style

As with lifestyle writing, this style often also includes product reviews. The need to offer an opinion is less frequent, but good technical knowledge is very helpful, obviously the closer to the subject matter the better.This style is also referred to as an academic style, and the language is typically void of any opinion, humour, or anecdotes.

Below are three articles written for clients against a specific brief and all writing tone.


The micro blogging, social network site with, a claimed 310 million active monthly users has been in talks before about a possible acquisition, one remembers reports earlier in the year of a possible transaction by News Corp.

Could Twitter shareholders be standing in line to benefit from an acquisition, they could be if the jump in their stock is indicative of what might the future may hold.

The premarket trade surge of 4,7% on Monday morning is off the back of Microsoft Corporation’s announcement that is was acquiring LinkedIn Corp. The professionals network platform is being sought at a 50% premium as 1,4 million shares traded, making it the fourth most active stock. ahead of the opening.

In stark contrast to the S&P 500 which has improved, year-to-date, by 2,6%; Twitter shed 39% for the same period, as at Fridays close. Analysts suggest that high executive turnover, the inability of the social network to adequately monetize its offering are pointing towards dismal prospects of providing any meaningful return to investors. Difficult to argue against when one considers that the value of the stock has more than halved in the past 10 months, despite a few rallies. Taking a view that historically poor trading results were sufficient to support the dominant sentiment to sell. Could Twitter stock not now present a buying opportunity given the price against its earnings over the past year, it seems not.

Gross profit margins remain very high at 80,73%, albeit lower by comparison to last year, it is the net profit margin of -13,41% which has significantly underperformed against the sector average. 

Whilst the company has a very strong short-term cash need position, and the current debt to equity ratio of 0,36, which may seem low; it is high by industry standards, and suggests that management of debt levels may need to be evaluated. An increase in nett operating cash flow of 77% to $163m compared to the same quarter last year, and whilst it is ahead of the industry average by a considerable margin at a growth rate of 19,28%, the overall outlook remains negative.

The departure of four company executives earlier in the year may account for the reported inability of the company to adapt to the needs created through continuously changing technologies, amend product or service offerings, and improve performance. 

The internet software sector, which includes all companies which develop, market, and service the internet and allied services sector, is able to expose any company shortcomings quicker than most other industries. There are approximately 4000 companies which combine to produce an annual revenue of around $30 billion.

EXAMPLE: LIFESTYLE CONTENT WRITING STYLE – Woken up by an extremely painful big toe, gout perhaps?

Who would have thought that something so small could cause this much pain, and if you, like me, have been woken in the night by your big toe, then you will know EXACTLY what I’m referring to. And yes it is a four letter word. Let’s take a look one of the options I have found to minimize this terrible toe syndrome – the gout diet.

It takes just one episode to get the mind laser focused on identifying what it is that is causing this much pain, and perhaps more importantly, we become single-minded in our endeavours to do whatever is needed to avoid a repeat of this. Short answer, chances are, it will creep up again when you least expect it. I focused on a gout diet, as one the interventions I could adopt to managing my condition.

They say that it is one of the most painful forms of arthritis, and this I can certainly attest to, and is caused by sharp uric acid crystals which deposit in the joints (mostly the big toe) but certainly not limited to the end of your foot. There is a chance that you get this deposit in your; knees, elbows, fingers and wrists, and in one case I know of, your instep. It’s no surprise then that a gout diet is aimed at reducing the intake of uric acid.

Before we take a look at the major culprits adding to our gout diet woes; lets a briefly understand how this happens. Uric acid comes from the breakdown of substances called Purines, and normally these are dissolved in the blood, pass through the kidneys, and away they go. But occasionally they build up, when the body increases the amount of uric acid it produces, and the kidneys cannot process enough of it, probably because we are eating too many high purine foods.

Before you get accused of drinking too much wine, yes it is a myth that it only comes from over indulging in your favorite bottle of red. In fact, there is a good chance that your propensity to suffer from gout is hereditary, and add to this; you may be a man, a bit overweight, eat a high purine diet, have had an organ transplant, and are perhaps exposed to lead in the environment. Add to this that you may have an enzyme defect, or simply by taking aspirin. Easy to see just how many people should consider a gout diet.

It is really quite simple, no need to head off to your local diet clinic, or start weighing your meals, a simple, well balanced, diet is really all you need to follow, and it’s not wise to go overboard and attempt to eliminate all uric acid producers from your diet, and yes after a bout of gout, the temptation is big. Try and avoid white bread, candy, artificially-sweetened drinks, cut back on saturated fats in red meats and high-fat dairy products, and drink water. Easy, really.

The gout diet is not going to treat this horrible condition, but it is going to help reducing the number of episodes.

EXAMPLE: TECHNICAL CONTENT WRITING STYLE – Rockford Fosgate Punch P3 Series Review

It is almost impossible to expect a shallow mount sub to deliver perfect sound, but this is as close as I’ve seen. The new P3 is the best sounding P3 they have made to date. Once the outer ring was removed, I could quickly see the new cone and dust cap, made now from anodized aluminum as opposed to the Kevlar fibre used in the previous version. The new flex-fit basket surrounding this sub-woofer makes it easier to mount, and is supported by a hybrid stamp cast basket which, has reduced the overall weight and resonance.  And the spider venting along the sides is going to enhance the cooling. As with the rest of the Rockford Fosgate range, and taking some design cues from the Power Series, they have included their VAST technology into the P3, adding 25% more surface cone area, improving the nominal efficiency and maximum output. But it is probably the compact size for output, which is most impressive, and this is going to save heaps of space in the trunk, or where ever else you can fit it. I am particularly impressed by the value, again getting this type of sound would normally come at a far heftier price tag.

If I was compelled to point out any short comings, and apart from finding myself stretched to do so, I would expect to say that they cannot deliver the output of a traditional sub-woofer, and that it does need a lot of power to deliver a full punch.

The Rockford Fosgate P3D2-10 Punch 10″ P3 2-Ohm DVC Sub-woofer is neither the smallest nor largest of the range and will require a cut out of 9.13 in. and will recess into your panel by 6.18 in. You can expect a continuous power handling (RMS) of 500 watts and peak power will reach 1000 watts, with impedance level at 3.20 ohms. The SPL level will reach 82 db’s. For the most part, this is about as technical as we need get, to understand what these speakers are capable of producing. Save to say that for the vast majority of good car sound lovers, this speaker will deliver all you will need and more.

I would recommend that you spend a little time and pay attention to what you going to need, to get the best out of what is already a great start. It is important to ensure that you have an amp, which can at least, deliver the power. Or it will draw from everything else in the car, and that includes reducing your headlights to candles, perhaps not quite as bad. You would use the RMS rating to determine the right amp output, and I would suggest one of the Rockford Fosgate P500X1bd

Punch 500 Watt Class-bd Mono Amplifier. The Rockford Fosgate website as a helpful ‘BoxAdvisor’ tab and this will give you all the optimal dimensions for your box. A sealed box will squeeze out around 17 liters of space, and if you are to have a vented box, you will need 40 liters.

The Rockford Fosgate P3D2-12 Punch P3 DVC 2 Ohm 12-Inch 600 Watts RMS 1200 Watts Peak Sub-woofer, the second largest in the range will require a cut out of 11.25 in. and will recess into your panel by 6.66 in. You can expect a continuous power handling (RMS) of 600 watts and delivers ‘monster’ peak power output of 1200 watts, with impedance level at 3.20 ohms. The SPL level will reach 85 db’s.  You are on your way to moving the earth here, and, at very least, you are likely to dislodge a tooth filling before long. It is little wonder this model gets the reviews it does from dozens of very satisfied car sound lovers.

As with the previous model, coupling your 12speakers to the correct amp (you are going to need an amp which can push out between 180 and 600 watts), is going to make all the difference, slightly higher amp output is significantly better than trying to mate an under powered amp to your speakers. Consider also that the speaker box will need to take out about 29 liters of useable space in your trunk, for a sealed box, and around 50 liters for a vented designed box. For the serious car sound lover this is no sacrifice at all.

The largest of P3 range is the Rockford Fosgate P3D2-15 Punch P3 DVC 2 Ohm 15-Inch 600 Watts RMS 1200 Watts Peak Sub-woofer, and this is going to get about as close to the chest pounding thump of a conventional sub-woofer, as you are likely to get. The 15will require a cut out of 13.94 in. and will recess into your panel by 7.58 in. You can expect the same continuous power handling (RMS) of 600 watts, and peak power will reach 1200 watts, as with the 12″ model. And whilst the impedance levels also remain as with the smaller model, the decibels increase to 86 db’s. For optimal results bear in mind that these sub-woofers will require a box, which is going need about 45 liters worth of space in the car for a sealed box, and around 75 liters for vented designed box.

You will be looking for an amp with a power range of between 180 and 600 watts, always best to get to the higher end, if you want to extend this model to its limits. I would rate these subs at just below competition standard, and by all accounts these speakers are going to exceed your expectations.

The diverse range of sounds that the Rockford Fosgate Punch P3 Series sub woofers are capable of producing is truly jaw-dropping. The clarity with which the sound is produced coupled the with db’s they will thrust towards you, will suit all music genres.  As one happy customer put it; “f I was allowed ten stars I would give it, this punch produces the cleanest and deepest bass. Ensure that you build your box to specification and you will not go wrong… people hear me when I’m coming and love me when I reach (them)”

As has been mentioned, there are many variants of these 3 content writing styles, and there are undoubtedly, more styles. There really is only way to start, and you can begin right away, aim for 300 words, and then gradually build up until you are writing 1000 words plus. Once you have done this, test your content on one of the many social or blog platforms, or start your own blog. Starting your own blog is far easier than you think, after all a blog is nothing more than a simple website, with discussion / comment functionality. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us. And begin expanding on our 3 content writing styles.