Is your website relevant?

Is your website relevant?

Is your website relevant in 2016?

Is Your Website Relevant?

Have you ever thought of asking the question; is your website relevant, and; the chances are you haven’t. And why would you; if it looks like a duck and swims like a duck, chances are good, that it is a duck, or so the adage goes. Besides, how would one even begin to define what relevance is? And it does pretty much what it is expected to do – right? Wrong is the simple answer, and this is why.

In 2018, once we have cut through the clutter, side stepped the buzz words, and parked the rubbish we get confronted with in the online space, RELEVANCE is only word that matters. Google and other search engines have always and are still striving to achieve one thing – deliver relevant content to the user.

Ask your service provider the following simple questions;

  1. Is my website relevant?
  2. Is my website optimized?
  3. Is my website connected?

The answer should be immediate, and provided without hesitation. BUT, before you go throwing out the baby with the bath water; how much of the problem is theirs, and how much is yours. Your service provider is generally only as good as you will allow; sure there may well be a deficiency in ability, but it is best to first check that you are not the impediment.

So, in 2018, owning a website can be a bit like owning a car without petrol, it may look good, but it aint going anywhere.

Lets take a look at the answers that you should expect;

  1. Website relevance – The most important point to consider is; the difference between what you believe to be relevant, and what your customer may deem is relevant. If you begin to deliver relevancy to your customer, search engines will also identify this relevancy and reward you for it.
  2. In the process of making your website relevant, you will be optimizing it, naturally there are a few technical processes which need to be performed by your service provider to highlight the relevancy to search engines, and ultimately to your customer.
  3. A connected website is a site which is on the ‘radar’ so to speak, sure search engine submission is important, but so is the marketing that you or your service provider does to achieve these connections.

Ask yourself again; is your website relevant?

If the answer is; YES, congratulations, you are on top of your game. If the answer is; NO, read on a bit more.

What to do to get your site relevant

  1. Agree on a set of measurable targets, and insist that website traffic reports are sent to your inbox every Monday morning.
  2. Agree on what you will provide your service provider, and here we suggest that you provide a key word or phrase, and they must produce an optimized article for your website blog each week / month.
  3. Put the ball in their court. Complacency affects everyone, and your service provider should be bringing opportunities to improve your site to you.
  4. Empower your service provider – agree on a monthly budget for what you expect to be delivered, you will generally get more than you pay for, as this work always takes longer than you think, and being charged by the hour can become an expensive option.

We’ll put our money where our mouth is!

Easy to sit on the sidelines and tell you what your service provider should be doing without being able to put our money where our mouth is, so, here goes what we can do;

Option 1.

  1. Website design and build – based on one of several styles.
    Home page, about us page, gallery page, contact us page, products or services page, and blog page.
  2. On page search engine optimization.
  3. Website hosting.
  4. Website maintenance.
  5. Website reports.
R500 per month for 12 months.

Option 2.

  1. Site design and build – based on one of several styles.
    Home page, about us page, gallery page, contact us page, products or services pages, and blog page.
  2. On page search engine optimization.
  3. Site hosting.
  4. Site maintenance.
  5. Website reports.
  6. Professionally written articles – 1 per month.
  7. Facebook maintenance – 1 post per weekday.
  8. Twitter maintenance – 3 posts per weekday.
R2,999 per month for 12 months.

Need more? No problem, drop us a line and we’ll design a package just for you,

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Terms and conditions
  1. Core Business Elements retains ownership of the domain for the 12 month period, or until the unexpired portion has been settled in full.
  2. Changes to the website will be either in accordance with a pre-agreed update plan, or billed hourly, you will always be advised of this amount before the changes are made.

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