• Retrenched? What now?

    Retrenched? What now? To save you the time of reading through the article, we’ll start with the summary. Whilst these business processes may seem to be insurmountable at first, Bob quickly realizes that there are indeed solutions to all of these tasks, and whats more, these solutions go beyond simple company registrations, the include a

  • Fear of business failure!

    Fear of Business failure! We have good news for you, your ‘fear of business failure’ is completely normal! “I’d like to start a business, but …fill in what ever you can think of…” If this sounds familiar, there is a good chance that you are experiencing a dose of ‘fear of failure’. Lets scratch around

  • Why do businesses fail?

    Why do businesses fail? For the folk that don’t have the time to read through this post on why do businesses fail? We will start with the summary; Before you get too carried away in admiring your profits, generated by elaborate excel spreadsheets, ensure that you have adequately budgeted before finally signing off. To start