• Does social media marketing work?

    Does social media marketing work? Does social media marketing work? This could literally be the million-dollar question, make that the billion-dollar question. Yeah right! We hear the naysayers, who spends a ‘telephone number’ on Facebook; well, it seems a ‘few’ will part with vast amounts of money to reach their social audiences. In a study

  • Is your website relevant?

    Is Your Website Relevant? Have you ever thought of asking the question; is your website relevant, and; the chances are you haven’t. And why would you; if it looks like a duck and swims like a duck, chances are good, that it is a duck, or so the adage goes. Besides, how would one even

  • Online Marketing for Your Business

    Online Marketing for Your Business Online marketing for your business is about as wide a topic as you are likely to come across in business in 2018. Websites, branding, social media, content, search engine optimization (SEO), google ad-words, digital advertising, and the list goes on, and on. With millions of articles written on the subject,

  • An audit, or an independent review?

    Does my company need an audit or an independent review, is a question that we get asked from time to time, and we can understand why, given that there was a time when any private company (PTY) was compelled to undergo an audit. And as such, there was always a preference to register your business

  • 3 Content Writing Styles

    3 Content Writing Styles Once you have got your head around where you wish to present your content, you will need to give some thought to the style, we’ll take a look at 3 content writing styles used by the team at Core Business Elements. And before we jump in, it may be interesting take

  • The Best SEO Content Article

    The best seo content article. And no, we’re not nearly clever enough to even begin to make the claim that this is the best seo content article, but it does highlight one of the tools that we use to produce effectively optimized content. ‘SEO’ or search engine optimization is the process of preparing and presenting

  • Online Marketing

    Online Marketing Online marketing is about content – Everything is content, and content is everything. It is most certainly not our intention to provide you with a bunch of content, which may mean nothing to you or, in which you have no real interest. It is however our intention to summarize what is involved in

  • Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

    Every Cloud has a silver lining Every cloud has a silver lining, the old adage goes, and in the eyes of the entrepreneur (are you an entrepreneur? click here to see), the silver lining beams brightly, cutting swathes of opportunities through torrents of gloomy economic news. R16 to the $, R18 to the €, R23

  • Motivated to get back to work?

    Motivated to get back to work? Don’t all shout at once now. And no we didn’t think you were, and you may find some comfort by looking around you. Pretty much everyone you see is in the same position as you, and yes they too will be doodling on their desk pad (if you still

  • Give yourself, and your business a break.

      During a small building alteration I had an opportunity to speak with some self-employed subcontractors, one of which was to say something which was to resonate with me for a long time. Luigi was an electrician by profession, and had worked for himself for the past 30 years; a perfectionist who was unable to