The Best SEO Content Article

The Best SEO Content Article

The best seo content article.

And no, we’re not nearly clever enough to even begin to make the claim that this is the best seo content article, but it does highlight one of the tools that we use to produce effectively optimized content.

‘SEO’ or search engine optimization is the process of preparing and presenting your content to maximize its appeal to search engine crawlers. You have just seen one more technique; spelling optimization with ‘z’ as the Americans do, and not an ‘s’ as the English from England do (and other previously colonized countries). Interestingly using the US spelling returns considerably more results than the Oxford English version does.

Our SEO content article begins with a keyword or keywords; this is the word or phrase which we want search engines to associate with our content. We need to include the keyword/s enough times in the article for it to be considered as sufficiently relevant (keyword density). This is not an exact science, and worthy of an SEO content article on its own. Consider however, that it would be ideal if it was used; in the page title, in the opening paragraph, during the passage of the article, and again in the closing paragraph. As you read through this article, take note of how often we use the keyword phrase.

Which Keyword / keyword phrase in your seo content article to optimize for;

The next question is how to decide what keyword to optimize for, and this may seem a little unnecessary, as you may know exactly what word or phrase you’re wanting to develop your content around. This may be, but chances are, there are number of astute SEO practitioners out there that have already targeted your keyword or phrase, and this will make your success less likely. Thankfully Google’s Keyword Planner will give us a considerable amount of information about just how often your keyword or phrase is searched; what the value would be if you were to buy a pay-per-click (ppc) package, and what other options are available to assist you in deciding which word variation would be best. In summary, you are looking for a word which has; high average monthly searches, but low competition.

Seo Content Article


Here is an example; let’s assume we are in the safari business and we would like to develop content around ‘safari holidays’, a quick check returns the following result; ‘safari holidays’ has relatively low monthly average searches, but the value of ppc is around R86 per click, which is relatively expensive, and considered ‘medium competition’. But ‘safari’ has a huge number of searches with low competition (around R19). It could be in our interests to optimize for ‘safari’ alone, but it is likely to return 1000’s of results, as it would include many variations of the word ‘safari’. This may result in your content being seen by someone who is not really looking for what you want to achieve.

The use of long tail keywords in your seo content article

The longer or more descriptive your keyword phrase, the better. These are called long tail keywords, and whilst they are likely to yield far fewer exact searches, they will deliver highly relevant content to the searcher. Using our previous example we may want to write about ‘affordable safaris in the eastern cape’, a bit more difficult or cumbersome to be using this keyword phrase in your content, but when well written, will deliver pretty good results.

The use of images in our seo content article

Search engines place value on the inclusion of images in your content, they believe that this brings the content to life and is likely to make your subject matter more engaging. Simply dropping in an image which you feel may be relevant is not enough, and one needs to ensure that the image title and ‘alt’ meta data is also included. Simple enough, and the reason why we dropped the image above, into our article.

Number of words and links in our seo content article

Search engines consider articles or content to be relevant when it has a minimum of 300 words, and don’t stress about worrying that you have written too much, this is not likely to happen, as long as your content appears to be ‘natural’ and easy to read. Yes adopt a conversational approach, this does make your information more engaging, and increases page dwell time. Discussing links is another topic worthy of an entire article, but for our purposes, it will suffice to say that search engines rate the number of links both inbound (people linking to your content) and outbound (you linking to other authoritative content) highly, especially inbound links.


Unlike a printed article, which, when published, lives forever in it’s original form, digital content remains alive. And once again, you are reading a section of the article which was not included in the original version, and has been added some weeks after. And whilst we could say that it was done deliberately (we cant because it wasn’t), and yes it was an afterthought, but it does highlight the ability to make changes to our content. This is another important consideration for SE’s.


Once you have produced your content, you need to market your content, when and where possible, and include it on authoritative domains like; Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube, for example.

Producing SEO content articles is an important tool in your online marketing strategy, and a skill you should be trying to develop at every opportunity, for those of us who do not have the time or affinity for writing, there are options which could include professional content writers.

Good luck, and don’t hesitate to call upon us for any assistance.


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