Accounting and Marketing

startup business toolkit

Lets take a look through the tool box, it contains accounting, company secretarial, human resources, and marketing tools

It is common to group some of the core business elements in two categories; accounting and marketing, but there is a great more than just accounting and marketing in our toolbox. Our startup business toolbox provides a complete solution; ordinarily you would need to appoint a dozen or more professionals to achieve what the Core Business Elements startup toolbox provides in one solution.

  • Management Accounts Template Bookkeeper.
  • Customer Source Documents Accounts Clerk.
  • PAYE Registration ⇒ Tax Consultant.
  • UIF Registration Payroll Clerk.
  • Workman’s Compensation Registration Payroll Clerk. 
  • Annual Workman’s Compensation Submission Payroll Clerk. 
  • Interim & Annual IRP 5’s Payroll Clerk. 
  • Independent Review Accountant.
  • Annual Financial Statements Accountant.
  • Provisional Tax Accountant.
  • Tax Return – Company Accountant.
  • BEE confirmation Accountant.
  • Confirmation of Directors Remuneration Accountant.
  • Tax Tables ⇒ Tax Consultant.
  • Tax Return For Individual ⇒ Tax Consultant.


  • Service Agreement ⇒ Lawyer.
  • Company Registration ⇒ Company Secretary.
  • Restraint & Confidentiality Agreements ⇒ Lawyer.
  • Annual CIPC Return ⇒ Company Secretary.
  • Employment Contracts ⇒ Human Resource Manager.
  • Company Rules ⇒ Human Resource Manager.
  • Disciplinary Processes Including Documentation ⇒ Human Resource Manager.
  • Logo Design Graphic Designer.
  • Website Design Website Designer.
  • Website Build Website Builder.
  • Website Content Creator / EditorOnline Content Creator.
  • Website Hosting Internet Service Provider.
  • Email HostingInternet Service Provider.
  • Facebook Account Setup & Maintenance Social Media Manager.
  • Twitter Account Setup & Maintenance Social Media Manager.
  • Instagram Account Setup & Maintenance Social Media Manager.

In summary, it would ordinarily take at least 12 people with the skills and designations set out above to provide you with the core business essentials you will need to get your startup business off the ground. All of these elements are contained within the Core Business Elements toolbox.

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