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Welcome to Core Business Elements, Your business toolbox!

If you are like most people, you will be anxious to get cracking right away, so we’ll jump right to the start up business summary for you.

You now have the business toolbox to get your business off the ground, you will have; a registered company, a business logo, share certificates, statutory registration, employment contracts, website and email addresses, social media pages, and much more. And to avoid those nasty costs, which have a habit of creeping up on you, you will be putting a little bit aside each month to ensure that you get your annual financial statements and independent review each year.

You have read this far, and chances are you may be an entrepreneur with a promising business idea. You may also have attended one or more entrepreneur seminars, and you have come away with the ‘YOU CAN’ message. What now? We know the feeling, and rest assured, there are many others like us who have reached the same point as you may be at now.

Entrepreneurs, by their nature, are innovative risk takers; they are business pioneers, and the forerunners of all great companies. And each one generally likes to the hit ground running, and in this haste, a great deal of the ‘paperwork’ gets left for later. Core Business Elements recognized this repetitive behavioral pattern, and asked the question;

Is there a business toolbox?

We searched for a complete start up toolbox, and we found many solutions which dealt with part of what was required, but none that provided an affordable, complete solution. The challenge was to create a checklist of all the core business elements, the business essentials, and then to present these in a business toolbox.

Getting the paper work done is one thing, but what about marketing your business? marketing your business can be a mine field; how much to spend, and where to spend it are possibly the two most important questions to ask yourself. Whilst the marketing of any product or service is a broad topic, which stretches across many platforms, one platform is undeniably crucial to your business success, and that would be the online platform. We have several options, which are available to you, and we are always keen to explore these with you.

Jump right into the business starter pack and get going!

Starter pack

We have a great offer, because we completely understand that you may want to get going with something right away to get your new business off the ground, and then return to consider the next level of support. And for your new business we have just the solution, our starter pack.


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